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Job View: 07-22-2014
Job #: 16341
Company: Grants Creek Nursery Inc.
Job Title: Lawn Maintenance Division Manager
Job Type: Employee
Job Status: Full-Time
Job Category: Landscape Maintenance
Description: Lawn Maintenance Division Manager:

This position requires an individual who is self-motivated, organized, good at sales & customer service, strives to produce a quality product and is a team motivator.

Day to day tasks include managing 3 mowing crews & 1 spray technician. You will work closely with the office assistant to put together efficient mowing routes and make sure the jobs get done in a timely manner while ensuring a high quality product.

You are responsible for meeting with customers and selling them new services such as maintenance contracts, chemical packages, pruning service and sometimes even small landscape installations. You are required to check on individual properties periodically to ensure jobs are being performed correctly and up to standard. Continual contact between you and the homeowner or property manager is required to achieve the highest customer service.

You are required to train your staff and continually educate them on proper techniques in order to ensure high quality. If in the event a crew member does not show up or is not performing their job correctly you might have to step in to help take up slack until the situation is rectified.

You are charged with making sure equipment is being maintained properly and is in working order.

You will be involved in staffing decisions for your part of the company.

The ideal individual for this position will have at least 2+ years experience running a maintenance division of 2 crews or more. They must have knowledge of how to properly maintain residential and commercial properties, chemical application techniques and customer service skills.

This is an "outside" job meaning you will be outside in the elements and sometimes requires heavy lifting. You must be willing to physically work even though this is a management position. Knowledge of how to run commercial mowers, edgers, blowers, pruning equipment & other heavy equipment such as tractors, skid steers, etc is a must.

Compensation $30,000 to $40,000 annually
Full time, year round employment
Holidays & Paid Vacation
Yrs of Exp. Reqd: 2+ yrs
Job Address:
Address: 763 Grants Creek Road
City: Jacksonville
State: North Carolina
Zip: 28546
Country: United States of America
Job Contact:
Name: Meredith Croom
Phone: 910-353-0326
Fax: 910-353-4987
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