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Job View: 05-17-2013
Job #: 13744
Company: Tupperware Brands
Job Title: Chief Groundskeeper
Job Type: Employee
Job Status: Full-Time
Job Category: Landscape Maintenance
Description: Chief Groundskeeper: Successful candidate will have overall responsibility for ensuring the Tupperware Brands headquarters grounds are attractive, safe and welcoming. Supervise and perform landscaping and housekeeping duties to maintain and improve the Tupperware Brands headquarters campus. Manage vendor relationships associated with campus landscaping and housekeeping services, including janitorial and cleaning (interior and exterior), pest control, waste management, recycling; painting, furniture repair, wildlife management, sustainability and environmental services. Varied responsibilities will include:

• Supervise associates, vendors and contractors in performing duties and assignments pertaining to overall landscaping and housekeeping. Provide direction to ensure expectations and standards are fulfilled or exceeded and that premises are in top condition at all times.
• Perform general landscaping and housekeeping tasks
• Regularly assess campus; recommend and implement improvements and enhancements.
• Direct landscaping services in all areas including: trimming, pruning, selecting and replacing plants, trees, vegetation, grasses; pest, disease and weed control; fertilizing and irrigation
• Direct housekeeping and janitorial services in all areas, including cleaning and maintenance of buildings (interior and exterior), furniture, premises (parking lots, sidewalks), etc.
• Conduct Quality Control walkthroughs of buildings and grounds, maintain QC documentation, completing and supervising necessary minor repairs and upkeep tasks such as painting, cleaning, and other detail work.
• Manage pest control needs in buildings (interior and exterior).
• Supervise actions to control wildlife on campus
• Ensure parking lots, sidewalks and signage are safe and operational
• Manage handling and disposal of campus recycling
• Perform regular inspections of property and equipment as required; maintain inspection records
• Purchase parts, supplies and equipment needed to perform duties
• Partner with the Environmental Engineering & Safety to ensure compliance with federally mandated safety codes.
• Other duties as assigned

Requirements: Five to ten years related experience in commercial groundskeeping; expertise in landscaping, preferably in Florida or southern climate; prior experience supervising landscaping and housekeeping team; high school diploma or equivalent preferred. Also requires excellent communications and interpersonal skills, including ability to successfully communicate with all levels of Associates; demonstrated ability to supervise and negotiate with vendors, contractors and government officials to ensure Tupperware’s best interest are being me; ability to multi-task and handle changing priorities.

Must be willing and available to work beyond the standard work schedule to accomplish projects and respond to emergencies. Must be willing and able to work outside as required.

Current US work authorization required.
Yrs of Exp. Reqd: None
Job Address:
Address: 14901 S. Orange Blossom Trail
City: Orlando
State: Florida
Zip: 32837
Country: United States of America
Job Contact:
Name: Dawn Butler
Phone: 407-826-8203
Fax: n/a
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