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Job View: 01-10-2013
Job #: 12543
Company: Fairway Landscaping & Lawn Care
Job Title: Operations Manager
Job Type: Employee
Job Status: Full-Time
Job Category: Landscape Maintenance
Description: SUMMARY OF POSITION: Operations Manager schedules, directs, and co-ordinates all designated work for 10-12 work teams. Oversees that requirements are met, oversees to insures quality control, insures a high level of service-to-customer relations, meets budget standards, assures maximum use of personnel, equipment and materials, and assists field personnel in carrying out their responsibilities. The Operations Manager oversees to insure efficient Shop and Yard operations as it relates to all crews. Coordinates between operating branches, schedules personnel and equipment, and oversees purchasing, equipment maintenance, and estimating activities for the assigned work and/or territory. Has complete customer outcome responsibility.

Major Activities
• Hires, trains, monitors and disciplines an efficient workforce to accomplish landscape.

• Manages so that contracted work is performed on time and on budget.

• Schedules work teams and maintains’ strict, efficient productions schedules within quality conditions at maximum productive efficiency with minimum unapplied time expenditures.

• Maintain costs within assigned budgets.

• Oversees to insure the proper management and coordination of work for client

• Provides technical information for inquiring customers, and potential customers, and provides such information to the field personnel

• Coaches and mentors crew leaders and support staff

• Oversees to insure the development and training of field personnel.

• Oversees to insure the implementation of Best Practices procedures in all areas of field operations; supports the activities of the General Manager with associations, vendors, architects, builders and developers to keep abreast of new methods in landscape construction and maintenance that might be applicable to the Company; constantly pursues new ideas which could be implemented within the Company to improve efficiencies.

• Assists in the management of the mechanical shop; ensures the proper care and efficient use of all the Company's vehicles and equipment.

• Oversees to ensure the proper care and use of all the Company's vehicles and equipment.

• Oversees the Management of the mechanical shop.

• Ensures effective asset utilization and oversees to insure appropriate asset newness.

• Oversees to maintain a high level of good housekeeping in the field, vehicles, and customer and other work areas.

• Oversees to insure the periodic inspections of work sites to ensure that work is performed to prescribed standards of quality.

• Conducts timely performance reviews of direct reports and takes corrective action when appropriate

• Works closely with the Office Manager to assure that all contracts administration reporting is timely and accurate


• Overall Project Profitability

• Customer Retention

• Enhancement Sales

• Pivotal Employee Development

• Pivotal Employee Retention

• Performance to Budget


o Good Communication Skills

o Ability to Lead and Inspire Others

o Ability to Sell

o Self-starter

o Good Interpersonal Skills

o Good Organization Skills
Yrs of Exp. Reqd: 5+ yrs
Job Address:
Address: 718 Washington Street
City: South Easton
State: Massachusetts
Zip: 02375
Country: United States of America
Job Contact:
Name: Jim Burns
Phone: 508-230-2433
Fax: 508-230-9433
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