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Job View: 01-16-2013
Job #: 11607
Company: Girard Environmental Services, Inc.
Job Title: Branch Manager - Tampa Branch
Job Type: Employee
Job Status: Full-Time
Job Category: Landscape Maintenance
Description: The Branch Manager plays a significant role on the senior management team of Girard Environmental Services. While understanding the landscaping business is obviously important, it's just as important that these individuals understand how to operate a successful business. Each branch location operates with complete autonomy, giving those individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit the opportunity to take ownership in something and really test the limits of their ability.

Our branch locations range from $2m to more than $6m in contract revenue. Branch Managers oversee a variety of services, to include: grounds maintenance, horticultural services, irrigation services, enhancement services and arbor care services.

Branch Manager's must provide everything that makes a business successful, to include: budgeting and forecasting, financial accountability, scheduling efficency, strong leadership and team building, estimating and business development, effective disipline, confident decision making, client relations, overcoming adversity and enforcing the continuous training and development of people.

Apply Online at:
Yrs of Exp. Reqd: 5+ yrs
Job Address:
Address: 11746 Uradco Place
City: San Antonio
State: Florida
Zip: 33576
Country: United States of America
Job Contact:
Name: Apply Online
Phone: n/a
Fax: 866-849-0355
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