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Job View: 08-14-2013
Job #: 10300
Company: Hermes Landscaping & Nursery
Job Title: Landscape Management Division Manager
Job Type: Employee
Job Status: Full-Time
Job Category: Landscape Maintenance
Description: Landscape Management Division Manager

Hermes Landscaping is looking for a Landscape Management Division Manager.

We believe:
• The ultimate purpose of this company is to create beauty, serve others and provide a vehicle in which people can achieve their goals and dreams.
• The cornerstone of any business practice should be in the pursuit of excellence and achieved with honesty, integrity and a standard of fairness.
• In the power of intention. Positive thinking and intentional action toward defined goals will yield ultimate success.
• We live in a benevolent universe and should recognize our gratitude every day for the abundance of strength and resources available to us.
• In continuous learning, self-reflection, self-development and the strength of humility.

Bottom line, this position is responsible for the decision making, staffing, development, budgeting and the end results of the division. From mowing and irrigation, to horticulture services and snow removal our complete Landscape Management program keeps the most prestigious properties in the area looking beautiful. The division manager reports to the President and is responsible for the following:
planning and overall division performance; addressing costs; sales; marketing, customer service; schedules; performance; quality of work; and day to day operational aspects of the division. Recommends modifications to policies and ensures that projects are completed on schedule and within budget. Accomplishes results through Production Manager and supervisors who exercise independence in their assignments.

Purpose and Description
Oversee and direct daily operations of the division. Position has total profit-making responsibility for operations commensurate with sales revenue of the division. Works in conjunction with sales department to generate revenue. Provides direction and leadership to ensure effective operations, complete customer satisfaction and long-term sustainable growth.

1. Work with other company management to establish overall objectives regarding sales, production, profits, quality, staff development, monitor progress and ensure achievement.

2. Develop departmental budgets and operate within them.

3. Makes recommendations for equipment or other asset purchases based upon targeted goals and operational needs.

4. Assumes complete responsibility for actual Income Statement and Balance Sheet performance to budget. Works to increase net worth, reduce costs and increase cash flow of division. Constantly monitors volume of work and job mix for maximum effect.

5. Develops, implements and perpetuates employee compliance with and understanding of all Company policies and procedures related to company human resource policy, compensation administration, safety and field or other general operations.

6. Ensures all managers within the department have authority needed to carry out their assigned duties and achieve established goals.

7. Manage change order process and follow up with relevant parties. Prepares change orders and proposed change order documentation acceptance and legal signatory execution, maintain change order log, timely billing and collection. Eliminate any possible dispute over change order administration.

8. Establishes and promotes contacts with appropriate local and state agencies, associations, developers, and other prospective customers, to obtain work for the division/company and to enhance good public relations. Promotes positive relationship among all entities within the industry.

9. Keeps abreast of competition, area growth trends, market studies and other circumstances of possible impact on regional operations. Keeps abreast of legislative development and government actions affecting the Company.

10. Develops and ensures implementation of Best Practices procedures throughout all areas of the division. Works with associations, vendors, agencies, other industry resources to stay abreast of new methods. Constantly pursues new ideas, which could be implemented within the Company.

11. Approves all estimates, bids, pricing, contracts and change orders for work within the dollar limits authorized and reviews for accuracy.

12. Ensures any required estimates are produced in a timely manner and in sufficient time to allow sales to generate proposals.

13. Manage budgets, review and approve sales documents, timecards, personnel documents, and other material to control costs and increase revenue within guidelines. Approves purchases within dollar limit and ensures purchasing is done in most cost effective manner.

14. Obtains information from purchasing and other departments to anticipate and time any likely supply shortages and ensures appropriate steps are taken to secure material. Makes advance recommendations for purchasing solutions.

15. Oversee enforcement of Company and Division policies in regard to sales, safety, and operating procedures.

16. Plan and direct personnel management within the Division, including recruitment, hiring, discipline, promotions, terminations, setting performance objectives and evaluating progress.

17. Provides for personnel cross training at all operational and sales levels within the division to ensure seamless continued operations in the absence of any key or other personnel.

18. Conducts timely performance reviews of direct reports and takes corrective action when necessary.

19. Plan and direct staff development, establishing an environment that motivates staff and provides effective training. Fosters spirit of cooperation between line and staff personnel.

20. Performs periodic work site inspections to ensure work is performed to standards of quality.

21. Ensures all contract files are set-up properly, contract reporting is timely and accurate and no contract activity goes unbilled.

22. Ensures job dollar values are neither over or under valued or reported.

23. Coordinates division advertising, marketing material, or press releases with Marketing Department.

24. Coordinate work of division with other divisions within the Company.

25. Respond to customer complaints ensuring proper handling to achieve excellent customer satisfaction.

26. Manage collections within the division at an acceptable level. Issue Credit Memos on a limited basis within allowance allowed. Ensures any book-write offs are fully documented and correctly supported.

27. Qualifies/Disqualifies any warranty issues and represents the Company in warranty resolution. Includes contract adjustment on limited basis within authorized limits.

28. Other duties as assigned.

Key Performance Metrics

1. Revenue Growth

2. CAGR Objectives

3. ROIC Objectives

4. Cash Flow Objectives

5. Profitability

6. Employee Retention

7. Safety Record

8. Performance to Budget

9. Customer Retention

Pivotal Duties 1. To insure profit making for the landscape management operations

2. To develop and direct to insure compliance to the annual divisional budgets

3. To develop, oversee and manage key customer, vendor and business relationships.

4. To oversee to insure the effective human resource management within the division; recruitment and acquisition of pivotal positions, training, development and retention, completion of effective performance review and accountability measurements, appropriate staff realignment or termination.

5. To support in the development and implementation of comprehensive compensation policy and programs to promote skill development, employee retention, and achievement of targeted performance objectives for both division and individual employee.

6. To oversee to insure Company credit and collection policies are adhered to. To effectively manage account receivables and keep collection levels at a minimum.

7. To oversee the development and execution of the divisions long range business plan

8. To oversee the development of an accurate divisional budgeting for profit and loss and the development of an accurate divisional capital asset acquisition forecast

9. To oversee the development of a comprehensive and accurate divisional sales and marketing plan

10. To oversee the development, implementation and perpetuation of divisional employees compliance and understanding of all Company policies and procedures.

11. To oversee the development, implementation and refinement of departmental best practice procedures in all areas of field operations, safety and sales. To keep abreast of new methods in residential landscape and irrigation design and construction operations that might be applicable to the Company; constantly pursues new ideas which could be implemented within the Company

Success Behaviors

1. Effective facilitation of internal and external communication

2. Effective communication of division and corporate vision to build a supportive culture

3. Ability to identify, assign, develop and retain key employees

4. Excellent leadership skills capable of inspiring top tier performance

5. Excellent coaching and mentoring abilities

6. Effective team building and dispute resolution

7. Manage and Reflect on Personal Effectiveness

8. Develop Trusting Long-Term Relationships and Networks

9. Seek and Accept Feedback

10. Maintain a Successful Corporate Image

11. Self-starter and demonstrates initiative

12. Results and action oriented

13. Sales and growth oriented

14. Excellent organizational skills and time management skills

15. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

16. Profit driven – seeks ways to cut costs and improve efficiency

17. Effective problem solving skills, ability to handle adversity

18. Performs and demands excellent quality in work

19. Service and teamwork oriented

20. Customer centered and focused

21. Focus on learning and self-development

22. Technically competent and skilled

Minimum Qualifications & Educational Requirements
1. Bachelor’s degree or 5-7 years of relevant business experience.

2. Minimum 5 years management and supervisory experience in related field.

3. Basic accounting knowledge and profit orientation.

4. Knowledge of computer applications (Microsoft Office Suite, desired)

Extraordinary Work Conditions
1. Must maintain regular and reliable attendance at a level acceptable to the company, including the ability to work overtime, holidays, evenings or weekends as necessary.

2. Must be capable of working outdoors on job sites as needed.

3. Limited travel as needed.

Equipment/Machinery Used:

1. Computers and peripherals

2. Multi-line telephone system

3. All office equipment, copy machine, fax machine etc.

4. Two-way radio, cellular phones

Hermes Landscaping, Inc. is one of the top 100 firms in our industry and is located in Lenexa, Kansas. With our award winning schools and outdoor recreation, this is a great place to raise a family and Lenexa is only minutes from downtown Kansas City.

Please apply on-line at:

Hermes Landscaping is an EEO Employer.
Yrs of Exp. Reqd: 5+ yrs
Job Address:
Address: 13030 W. 87th St.
City: Lenexa
State: Kansas
Zip: 66215
Country: United States of America
Job Contact:
Name: April Wilcox
Phone: 913-888-2400
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